Several years later, there’s still no official recording of this song. But this quick video from a concert performed sobre la marcha on a street in Madrid is enough for now. Here La Negra, a flamenco/fusion singer from Spain, lends her smoky tone to an original composition: “Contigo.” The lyric sings of ridding herself of anything that keeps her from her lover. “There’s no skin like yours in this world. You lack nothing that I could wish for you… I’d spend my life with you, submitting myself to your body. With you, always, every day, every hour, my love. I’d never leave you — not even for a moment — because with you I have what I wanted. With you, I’m going to stay. With you.”

It’s wonderful to see a singer of her caliber, who arguably hasn’t received nearly the recognition she deserves, just having a great time with a guitarist on a sidewalk outside a bar. Spontaneity and creativity at its finest. Hopefully this song is officially recorded.